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Engaging international students through the lenses of Community Engagement Projects

Join ISSS as they guide you through an exciting adventure of learning about volunteerism, helping the community, becoming aware of social issues, and finally…learning about the fabric of the United States! Take a look at this presentation to learn more about this project that will for sure inspire you to participate! Click on the slides to advance and find out the details!

Mission and vision

Our mission is to prepare international and domestic students at FIU to be active awareness and global perspectives through civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to provide international and domestic students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge skills and attitudes while they use their passion in community projects.

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate understanding of. the concepts: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Human Rights, U.S Volunteerism, International Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement and active citizenship.


  • Ability to act in a supportive manner that recognizes the feelings and needs of our community
  • Develop interdependence and social concerns for others
  • Become culturally sensitive


  • initiate and develop interactions with different causes
  • recognize and respond to individual needs and cultural biases
  • understand and become aware of various cultures and their impact on society

Global Awareness Leadership Series

Have a heart, lend a hand and make a difference

ICEP is a semester commitment starting in Spring 2021. It is a great opportunity to learn about local and global issues and become an active citizen. ICEP program is designed fully remote through a series of workshops in topics such as leadership, women's health, homelessness, human rights, environmental issues.

The application now open to all students.

Deadline to apply: Friday, January 2021

Apply now

ICEP Global Awareness Leadership Series Spring 2021

  • ICEPT Global Awareness Leadership Series program entails participating in six different workshops to expand your knowledge on Leadership, Women's Health, Homelessness, Human rights and environmental issues.
  • The program would also provide you with the opportunity to connect with organizations at the national and international levels.
  • Limited virtual volunteering options might be available on an individual basis with non-profit organizations based on their need.

ICEP opportunities

Community level

  • ICEP Community projects and Education workshops are open to all students who get admitted into ICEP
  • Workshops provide students with knowledge on social and global issues
  • Limited Virtual Service Projects available for students to connect virtually with local issues on the individual basis

National level

  • Open only to ICEP students
  • Great opportunity to connect with nonprofit organizations and governments entities on the national level

International level

  • Open only to ICEP students
  • Collaboration with International organizations
  • Great opportunity to connect with nonprofit organizations and government entities internationally while learning about challenges and initiates in countries around the world

Benefits of volunteering

  • Explore your interest while you support different causes
  • Strengthen and develop your skills
  • Broaden your horizons by interacting with others
  • Enrich yourself with positive actions
  • Develop a new support system that cares
  • improve your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Experience long-lasting relationships with other peers that share a common goal


Applications are now open! Selected participants will be invited to a welcome reception in September! If you have a passion for service, for learning from your community, and from the world…to become a true global citizen..this is the program for you!