Prospective F-1 Students

International student admissions

If you are interested in pursuing a degree at FIU, your first stop should be with the Office of International Admissions.

This is your first step to become one of our students! Once you have been admitted to the university, the Office of Admissions will guide you through the process of getting your documentation to obtain a student visa.

Please keep in mind that ISSS does NOT handle any aspect of admissions processing. You must contact the admissions office to apply or inquire about the status of your admission application.

Are you a non-degree seeking student?

Attending FIU as a non-degree seeking F-1 student involves special consideration. Most F-1 students attend FIU as non-degree during the summer semester when they do not have to be enrolled full-time at their parent institution (the school from which the I-20 is issued). To do so, please follow the non-degree application instructions.

F-1 students asking to attend FIU as non-degree in the fall or spring semesters must consult with their parent institution’s international office for advise and permission to do so. Remember that F-1 students must maintain full-time enrollment in the fall and spring. You must seek permission to be concurrently enrolled from your parent institution. Contact your international office for instructions. Immigration regulations mandate that F-1 students be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours at the parent institution. The remaining credits will be at FIU. In addition to the non-degree application, you must submit a letter from your international office stating that you have permission to attend, the course(s) you will enroll for, and that the classes count toward your degree program.

If you are planning to attend FIU as a non-degree seeking international student, please follow these steps

  1. Visit the Non-Degree Student Application page on the FIU website.
  2. Once you have been admitted, an International Student HOLD will be placed on your international student record.
  3. Complete the Clearance Form for Non-Degree Seeking International Students.
  4. Once the information you provided is reviewed and approved, the ISSS Office will remove the International Student HOLD to allow for course registration and all other related processes.

We look forward to helping you get ready to live a great academic experience with us at FIU!