Fulbright Visiting Faculty, Researchers, and Students at FIU

The Fulbright Program offers international educational and cultural exchange programs designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the US and the people of other nations. Fulbright is funded by US government grants and operates through various initiatives in over 160 partner countries.

There are Fulbright programs in diverse fields for students, scholars, professionals, and more. Fulbright recipients study, teach, or pursue important research and professional projects abroad.

At FIU we are proud to welcome Fulbright Faculty or Research Scholars as well as outstanding students who come to pursue their graduate degrees. 

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services is proud to be one of the units that, working in cooperation with the Fulbright Scholar's hosting department or faculty member, welcomes these scholars and assists them in becoming part of the FIU community. 

Welcome to FIU!