The ISSS office is tasked with ensuring that students do not have any immediate or future issues with USCIS that may hamper or jeopardize other immigration opportunities, therefore, the one FT semester is necessary to break the appearance or intention of using CPT as a means of continuing employment.

To this end, F-1 students who have completed their OPT and return back to a degree program who wish to participate in CPT must reestablish full-time student status. For this purpose, they should be enrolled for at least ONE full-time semester before they can engage in a CPT opportunity. The same rule will apply to those completing their pre-completion OPT who are starting a new degree program.

Graduate students in the FIU Hospitality Management program at the BBC campus are exempted from this rule. They are eligible to engage in CPT during the first semester of their program without having to complete the one-semester rule due to specific program requirements.

For all other students who wish to engage in OPT:

  • Students in F-1 status who were engaged in OPT but had to reenter the U.S. as an initial F-1 must complete TWO FULL-TIME semesters to gain eligibility for practical training.
  • F-1 transfer in students with a transfer I-20 and who have completed two full-time semesters at the transfer-out school will meet eligibility for practical training.

CPT Credit Hours:

  • Students who wish to do CPT full-time must be enrolled in a 3-credit course.
  • Students enrolled in 1 or 2-credit courses will be allowed only part-time CPT status.

Should you still have further questions after viewing the online workshop, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with an ISSS advisor or come in during Walk-In Wednesdays.